Our Services here at Joseph Takacs Appraisal Service - AKA -JT Appraisal Services, LLC. uses the latest technology and software. We utilize and support the most up-to-date appraisal software packages. Our reports can be transmitted in the widely utilized Adobe Acrobat PDF format. This is a cost effective alternative for our clients who don’t use the software for our appraisal packages. All appraisal work include digital photographs, location maps, sketches, and addendums.

Each complete report contains the specific information requested by our client and is capable of being electronically transmitted over our Broad Band Internet connection lines from our office to the client. Within minutes, our clients can have a complete appraisal report on which to base their lending decisions.




Single Family / 1004 URAR (prices based on square footage)


Single Family Investment w/comparable rent schedule & Operating Income Statement 1004/1007/216(prices based on square footage)


Exterior Only-2055


Exterior Only- 704 Exterior


Interior Single Family- 704 Interior  (no sketch)


Photo Only


Multi-Family                         (2-4 Units) /1025


Condo Exterior Only / 1075


Condo  Interior /1073


Condo Investment w/comparable rent schedule 1073/1007


Appraisal Update 1004D


Comparable Rent Schedule 1007


Operating Income Statement 216